A 7-day power-packed experience for audaciously ambitious creative freelancers who want to become so brazen in business that they go after exactly what they want — and actually get it






Your Coach




Extreme courage, no-BS attitude, relentless desire to be the best
(and have the world know it)

Your expertise is 🔥 and you’re a force to be reckoned with. But not enough of the people who would want to pay you the big bucks know about it.

We’re going to completely change that in the space of a week. Yes, I really am that good. (See how I’m owning that? I want you to be able to do the same.) 

In a matter of days, I’ll show you how to become fluent in fearlessness. You’ll be able to…

Comfortably put yourself in uncomfortable rooms

And own your expertise so unapologetically that people are thinking: Who is that? I want whatever they’re drinking… and I want to hire them.

Boldly pitch for pinch-me projects

And let your contagious confidence earn you wild respect, higher rates, and a killer reputation that ruffles the feathers of your competitors.

Become enviably visible on a grander scale

And let your decisiveness and determination take you from relative unknown to wildly in-demand.

The Defiant Movers Bootcamp is for the opposite of the faint hearted – and that’s why it’s so effective

You’ll be set five fierce bootcamp tasks over the space of one week. They’re simple and quick-to-do, but they’re not easy. You’re expected to complete all of them, obviously, otherwise why would you bother attending? Show up, kick ass, change everything. Time is money, and I respect both.

Hey! I’m Coach Kym — leading Book Yourself Solid coach, former Nike Athlete, global brand consultant, and award-winning business owner — and I’ll be the one cracking the metaphorical whip. As a former dancer, I know all about making moves. And as a human who disobeyed almost every rule that was ever thrown at her, I know all about defiance. Put them together? Winning becomes inevitable. I’m proof and so are hundreds of my clients. 

When I’m done with you,
here’s what you can expect:

You won’t ever need to ask for respect, you’ll command it with your presence

You’ll be able to show up as the the authority in any room and ask for exactly what you want with full belief you can get it

You’ll have a competitive edge that helps you instantly raise your rates without changing any of your services

You’ll be a natural at making bold decisions and communicating bold ideas

You’ll get crystal clear on your "badass factors" and how to use them to elevate your market positioning

You’ll reach a level of contagious confidence that automatically has people trust that you’re the right person to hire

You’ll be primed to achieve unheard-of levels of recognition + reward

Defiance is your gateway to industry domination.

If you’re ready for it, then the only question left is: Do you dare to enter The Boldroom?